2013 Memory Jar with FREE Printable

2013 Memory Jar

One of my biggest regrets: I have not taken the time to write down the significant moments in our lives. The funny things my daughters did or said. Answered prayers that seemed to overcome the impossible. Small acts of kindness that brightened a day.

I made the crucial error of thinking I could never forget them. Yet as I age, my mind has become a sieve and these memories have poured out to a place where I can’t retrieve them.

I’m inspired in 2013 to take action. This year I will take the time to write our family memories down and put them in a memory jar. Collected. Cherished. Not forgotten.

Won’t you join me? It’s simple….

  • Click here to get to the free Memory Jar label link.
  • Upcycle an old jar.
  • Start collecting.

December 31st will take on a whole new luster sharing and reliving the memories of the year.

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