The Greenbacks GalHello and Welcome to The Greenbacks Gal.
I’m Andrea Green, an eco-friendly mother of two who loves to bake, enjoys a hot cup of tea, delights in gardening, and who believes in living the green lifestyle.

The one thing I despise is paying more for organic groceries.

In 2010 I learned about shopping with coupons. Saving 50% to 90% each week at the grocery store sounded exactly like what our family needed. After all, it was in 2010 that we went from two incomes to one.

What I didn’t love about coupons: they all seemed to be for processed food.

Feeding my family organic, whole food is a priority for me.

I figured if I wanted to save on organic, whole foods for my family, surely others would too. That’s why I started The Greenbacks Gal.

Do you think it’s impossible to save on organic, healthy food?

The Greenbacks Gal has helped a community of over 11,000 people save each week and turned them into “savvy shoppers.”

Thanks for the Tip

What if you don’t have a convenient resource for organic groceries? Where do you shop and how do you make it affordable?

Since The Greenbacks Gal readers are all over the country, I try to find deals that everyone can use. I research deals at warehouse stores like Costco, use online resources like Amazon or Vitacost, and show how you can save even if you do shop Whole Foods Market for groceries.

Joining Costco

These are real resources you can really use!

While buying healthy groceries is important, it is only half the battle. As a busy mom of two active teens, I am always looking for healthy, whole food recipes.

The recipes you’ll find on this site have to fit my criteria: quick, healthy, and made from whole foods.

Whole Food Recipes

I love when I share a recipe that others can’t wait to try.  That means I’ve helped another family deliver a healthy, wholesome meal to the table.

But food isn’t the only thing I whip up in the kitchen. I also love to make my own natural beauty, natural health, and natural home supplies.

If you are looking for a community of people who believe in buying organic, who want to live more “green”, who have limited time and limited resources, you are in the right place!

There is only one rule:

Superwomen need not apply!

Everyone needs a few shortcuts. In an effort to share the shortcuts I’ve found, I started The GBG It Works for Me! It’s full of tips, tricks, do-it-yourself projects and shortcuts everyone can use.

Let’s Connect!

You can find me in the carpool lane, the grocery check-out, on a hike, or watching my girls play volleyball.


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  1. SO happy to have found your site!!! It is exactly what I have been looking for. We moved to the Springs about a year and a half ago and since then I have found several helpful sites, but not many local ones and definitely none that were green/organic related! I look forward to following your site!

  2. Kayla, Thank you for visiting the Greenbacks Gal! I’m so glad you found some useful information. I look forward to “seeing” more of you!

  3. I have never personally cooked with flaxseed oil but have ha family members who have. Flaxseed is an excellent ingredient to add to any recipe!! I look forward to trying your recipe for the chocolate pumpkin muffins!!

  4. Hi Andrea…great site!

  5. Thank you Michelle! 🙂

  6. Shannon C says:

    I just found you through 100 Days and got excited about your Costco plan. I just got even more excited when I saw that you also live in Colorado Springs. We just moved here last week and just bought our first Costco membership before I saw your blog so very timely! Yay!

  7. Hi Shannon! Welcome to C Springs! This is good timing. 🙂 I hope you find this useful – even if it is just the Costco price/shopping list. Andrea

  8. Hi Andrea! So glad to have found your site- I would love to be added to your green resource community pinterest board 🙂

  9. Hi Andrea,

    I just tried to email you about working together but it said the gmail account did not exist? Could you please email me or link to your proper email addy?

    Thanks a bunch and many blessings,

    The Reality Writer

  10. Hi Melanie, I’m at greenbacksgal @ gmail if you want to shoot me an email. Andrea

  11. Great post! I will try to save this one for a post I’ll do in the future. I have had people ask me how to save with deals and coupons on organic products. Thanks!!

  12. Hi! I love that you search for healthy food deals and coupons and share them with us!

    I’m just wondering if I’m the only one that hardly ever finds the coupons other people, the Greenbacks Gal and so many other helpful bloggers, have seen when the links are for that endless site of manufacturer coupons.

    Does anyone see a search feature for that site? The only one I’ve seen was the category filter that brought up Tide detergent when I clicked on beverages, and didn’t bring up the coupon for Orgain beverages that Greenbacks Gal clearly saw recently.

    I’m pretty sure that site makes you download something to use it, too. Has everyone downloaded it? Did anyone have trouble with it? As in slowing your computer down or popups or anything?

    thank you so much!

  13. Hi Andrea. Just read your Fat Flush Detox Drink recipe and had a few questions:

    If I made a large batch of this drink, does it hold up well in the fridge and if so, how long will it keep?
    Secondly, do you drink this every meal, every day? Once a day? Thanks!

  14. Hi Anne, You could make up to 2-3 days worth of the detox drink, but it does separate in the fridge. I suggest keeping it in a glass jar so you can shake vigorously before drinking. I only drink it once a day – right before lunch. Hope that helps! Andrea

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Are You Tired of Processed Crap?

Subscribe Today and Download My Free Healthy Grocery List. It's your cheatsheet to a less processed life. Then, each week, I'll help you take charge of your health by emailing you the best real food recipes and non-toxic DIYs.

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