Canned Goods: Pizza Sauce Recipe for a Homemade Holiday

Canned Pizza Sauce

My friend Wendy and I had every intention of spending an entire day putting up pasta sauce, pizza sauce and salsa this year. We both shared the desire to have healthy, homemade canned goods that we could open up in the winter and have it still taste like it was summer. But its hard to coordinate two busy moms and to put aside an entire day – which is what it would have taken. Then, just as it looked like time was on our side, Colorado had its first freeze and we knew we’d never get our hands on the amount of tomatoes we needed.

Have you made canned goods this year? If so, I know it would make an amazing gift for someone in your life. My friend Rene of Budget Saving Mom has an organic garden and cans her produce so she can have her own organic products year round. She has a recipe for Pizza Sauce that she swears is so delicious you’ll want to just eat it with a spoon. I also have a recipe for Mango Lime Jam that was one of the first things I’d ever canned. If I can do it…so can you!

Homemade HolidaysYou still have plenty of time to assess what you can find in season where you live and to find a simple canning recipe. I promise you the gift will say “love.”

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  1. I’m giving out canned apple butter & chokecherry syrup this year. I might do some pumpkin pie filling too, depending on how sick of baking I get. :P

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