How to Stop Snoring Naturally

How to Stop Snoring Naturally

How to Stop Snoring Naturally

Snoring is new to our marriage and definitely not a welcome addition.

There are many reasons why someone might start snoring. According to this article, common snoring causes are age and weight and snoring occurs most frequently in men.

Before you resort to separate rooms, I’ve got some suggestions that are working in our home.

How to Stop Snoring Naturally

Skip the Nightcap – If you enjoy an alcoholic beverage before bedtime, the alcohol may be the source of your snoring.

Alcohol relaxes the throat muscles which can lead to snoring at night.

If you suspect alcohol may be the culprit, it is easy to eliminate it for several nights to see if the snoring improves.

Lose Weight
– If you are carrying extra weight, it may be the cause of your snoring.

Excess weight can press on your neck tissue, which can lead to snoring.

By shedding a few pounds, you could eliminate the source of your snoring and you’ll improve your overall health as well.

Easy Solutions for How to Stop Snoring Naturally

Sleep with a Humidifier – Your snoring may be caused by allergies and nasal congestion.

Sleeping with a humidifier can help alleviate the dry air that is contributing to your snoring.

Look for a humidifier that is powerful enough to moisten the air in the entire room. You also want an ionic model like this humidifier that inhibits bacterial growth.

Eucalyptus Essential Oil – Eucalyptus essential oil is known to help open up airways. This is particularly true if your snoring is due to allergies or a cold.

Try diffusing eucalyptus oil at night. You’ll want to start diffusing the oil about an hour prior to bedtime.

Use several drops and set your diffuser to run all night, or to it’s longest setting.

If you don’t have essential oils at home already, here is the source I prefer.


Natural Throat SprayThis highly rated spray may be exactly what you need to eliminate snoring.

It works by helping to coat and open up the throat.

Sew a Tennis Ball into a T-Shirt – Snoring tends to occur when people sleep on their back.

If you find yourself waking up to roll over the snorer, you could try taking an old t-shirt and sewing a tennis ball into the back.

Every time the snorer rolls onto their back, the discomfort of the tennis ball forces them to roll over.

Head over here for complete instructions.

What have you found works to help stop snoring naturally?

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Boost Your Health 21 Day Lemon Water Challenge

Boost Your Health Lemon Water Challenge

Are you ready to boost your health and feel great all day long?

Join me in a 21 Day Lemon Water Challenge.

It might seem like drinking lemon water is trendy, but it’s not.

The practice of drinking lemon water is 5,000 years old. It’s been part of the Ayurvedic tradition (yoga’s sister science) for centuries.

What’s the magic of lemon water? Read the  7 Amazing Health Benefits of Lemon Water for full details, but essentially, it detoxes your digestive tract. Key nutrients from the lemon juice also help skin look younger while boosting your immunity.

The only way to truly test the benefits of drinking lemon water is to actually try it and see the results for yourself.

21 Day Lemon Water Challenge

For 21 days, upon rising, mix the juice of 1/4 to 1/2 lemon with a cup of warm water, drop the squeezed lemon in, and drink.

The recommended amount is the full 1/2 lemon. But if that is too expensive, start with a 1/4.

Do this before you brush your teeth, before you sip your coffee, and before you eat.

Optional: add a pinch of sea salt and/or a 1/2 teaspoon of honey

This drink is meant to flush the kidneys and stimulate your digestive system so it is ready to metabolize breakfast. This is why you are meant to drink it immediately upon rising. You are setting your body up for success.

The Purpose of the Challenge:

I’m a die hard coffee drinker. The alarm goes off and my first thought is of dragging my tired booty over to the coffee pot. Reaching for a lemon will require a change in a 23 year coffee habit. Perhaps you are worried about lemon water before coffee too?

Whatever your morning habit is, our goal is to make a glass of warm lemon water our new normal.

That’s the purpose of the challenge.

Let’s hold each other accountable. In the name of health.

Start by commenting on this post that you are up to the 21 Day Lemon Water Challenge. 

Then grab your bag of lemons (preferably organic since the lemon will be dropped into the water) and get started! No need to wait for a Monday. Just start!

Next, use the hashtag #GBGGetHealthy on your Instagram, Twitter or Facebook posts.

On the last day of the month, I will randomly pick someone who has used the hashtag to win a bottle of lemon essential oil.

Here’s to a healthy future for us all. *CHEERS* and lemon water bottoms up!

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7 Amazing Health Benefits of Lemon Water

7 Amazing Health Benefits of Lemon Water

It might seem trendy, but the practice of drinking lemon water has been around a long, long time.


Because adding a glass of lemon water to your morning routine has some amazing health benefits.

1. Good Source  of Vitamin C Drinking lemon water provides your body with vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant. Juicing just one half a lemon into your water in the morning gives you 1/6 of your daily vitamin C need.

2. Boosts Immunity Vitamin C is known for it’s ability to support the immune system. Since your body can’t store vitamin C, you need to provide your body with a healthy source of vitamin C every day. By drinking lemon water daily, you give your body a consistent source of immunity boosting vitamin C.

3. Aids in Digestion  The acid from lemons helps to break down your food during digestion so you get the maximum nutrients from what you eat. In addition, lemon juice actually prevents tiny particles of undigested food from entering your bloodstream. If these particles were to get into the bloodstream, your liver would have to work overtime to remove them.

4. Flushes out Toxins Some studies suggest the acid from lemons signals your liver into producing more bile. Bile works to move things through your digestive system, flushing out toxins.

5. Promotes Younger Skin The antioxidants you get from lemon water helps fight free radicals. This results in better skin. Plus, vitamin C helps produce collagen which can lead to fewer wrinkles.

6. Helps Shed Pounds Lemon water reduces water retention. So in the short term, you will see the results from less water weight. If you are looking for a natural way to fight monthly bloat, look no further than a glass of lemon water. Real weight loss can occur when you drink enough lemon water to keep hydrated. When you are dehydrated, your body often signals you to eat, which can result in unnecessary calories.

7. Boosts Energy The acid in lemon water helps your digestive system get more nutrients out of the foods your consume. This helps keep your insulin at a steady level, meaning you won’t crash and burn, but instead you’ll have a steady energy supply.

Are you ready to see the results of drinking lemon water for yourself? Join me in the 21 Day Lemon Water Challenge.

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Breastfeeding Problem: Excess Lipase

Breastfeeding Problem

This article is with thanks to Rebekah of Simply Rebekah. She is sharing her story in hopes of helping breastfeeding moms during World Breastfeeding week. If you are having the breastfeeding problem where your baby refuses to take a bottle, this may be the answer you’ve needed.

I thought my breastfed daughter was picky.

I thought she was stubborn.

I thought I had the wrong type or bottle or nipple. Perhaps we didn’t give her a bottle often enough or early enough.

Again and again my daughter refused to take a bottle while I was gone. I was extremely frustrated. What was I doing wrong??

And then I tasted the breast milk that was in her bottle. I was shocked. Nothing had prepared me for that moment. My breastfeeding class, lactation consultant, mom, and girlfriends had never warned me.

My breast milk tasted bad. No… not just bad. My breast milk tasted horrible.

I was devastated and instantly flooded with questions. Did all of my milk taste this way? Is there something wrong with me? Is there something wrong with my freezer? What if all of my frozen milk taste like this? Oh my word. All that milk in my freezer! Is it all bad???

After hours and hours of research, I diagnosed myself with excess lipase activity. There was nothing wrong with the nutrition of my milk, but an overactive enzyme (lipase) was causing my expressed breast milk to develop a bad taste over time.

I didn’t discover that I had excess lipase activity until my daughter was 5 months old. By that time, I had 575 ounces of breast millk in my freezer and all of it tasted bad. I had spent hours and hours pumping breast milk and my daughter refused to drink it. It was gut wrenching.

My daughter will be turning 6 next month and her little brother is 3 years old. Now that I have years of experience dealing with excess lipase activity, I have a few things that I want every breastfeeding mother to know.

Why Does My Breast Milk Taste Bad?

5 Things You Should Know About Excess Lipase Activity

1. It can happen to anyone. There hasn’t been any formal research to determine the cause of excess lipase activity. If you are a breastfeeding mother who pumps (even if it is just for the occasional babysitter), you could experience excess lipase activity.

2. Don’t wait. Test your milk right away. When you are ready to start your pumping routine, put a quarter ounce of breast milk in your refrigerator and taste it every couple of hours to see if the taste changes. If a week goes by with no significant changes, then you are in the clear. If you notice an offensive taste change, it is likely you have excess lipase activity.

3. You can still have a healthy breastfeeding relationship with excess lipase activity. You don’t have to stop nursing or pumping. It is possible to build a supply of frozen breast milk even if you have excess lipase activity.

4. You are not alone. I felt extremely isolated when I was searching for answers after I discovered my breast milk tasted bad. None of my friends or family had experienced this. Even my daughter’s doctor wasn’t sure what was going on. I don’t want another mother to feel as desperate for answers and support as I did, which is why I wrote an eBook dedicated to excess lipase activity.

Why Does My Breast Milk Taste Bad? One Mom's Journey to Overcoming Excess Lipase Activity

In the book Why Does My Breast Milk Taste Bad? you will find:

  • An explanation of excess lipase activity that you don’t need a medical degree to understand.
  • Answers to 31 frequently asked questions.
  • Detailed instructions on how to test your breast milk for excess lipase activity.
  • Step by step directions on how to stop your milk from developing a bad taste.
  • 8 suggestions on what to do with all of the bad tasting breast milk in your freezer.
  • My personal story and what happened when my second child was born.
  • Valuable information from Dr. Ruth Lawrence, the nation’s leading authority on breastfeeding.
  • Support, encouragement, and the knowledge that you are not alone.

5. Awareness is crucial. Please help spread the word about excess lipase activity. Even if you don’t have this problem, someone in your social circle might benefit from this information.

Every breastfeeding mother who choses to pump should test their milk for excess lipase activity.

Rebekah Hoffer
Rebekah Hoffer blogs at Simply Rebekah where she shares parenting advice from the perspective of a mom who knows she isn’t perfect. She also shares tips on natural living and money saving.

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Can You Cure Headaches Naturally? 5 Home Remedies to Try


Nothing is worse than a headache that simply won’t go away.

Fortunately, there are many home remedies for headaches that are highly effective. In fact, many of these natural cures work better than the over the counter options.

Here are five home remedies to try to cure headaches naturally:

Ginger Root

Ginger essential oil

Who knew something as simple as ginger root could cure your headache?

Found in virtually every grocery store, you can use this home remedy in a number of ways. The best and most palatable way is to take about two inches of ginger root (less if you are sensitive to the strength of flavor), peel it, and simmer it in a pot of water. Then strain the root out and drink while still warm.

Many people like to breathe the steam as the pot simmers but be careful not to burn yourself. This will cure a headache quickly and easily and is quite tasty as a bonus!

Not at home? Carry a bottle of Ginger essential oil with you. Add a few drops to your water, drink, and wait for the headache tension eases.

Peppermint Essential Oil


Another popular natural cure for headaches is peppermint essential oil.

Try diluting 4 to 5 drops of peppermint essential oil in a carrier base such as avocado oil.

This stuff is like a miracle balm when you apply it to your hairline. It feels like an air conditioner on your forehead and can quickly calm the throbbing of a tension headache. Some folks apply it in different places so experiment with various ideas.

Almonds (Salicin)

If you like almonds, this is going to be some very good news. Almonds contain salicin. Salicin is an agent that is found in over the counter pain meds but without the dangers associated.

While not overly strong, chewing on almonds is said to relieve a headache naturally and without risk.
Ironically, almonds are also thought to be a trigger for some folks that suffer from migraines so keep that in mind if you are considering it as an option. Not everyone will react the same way.


Yoga is a wonderful way to relieve a headache and is often the quickest working natural cure.

The best thing about yoga is that you can do it pretty much anywhere and get immediate results.

Although some of the poses are not good for the workplace, you can do some basic things sitting in a chair such as stretching and meditation.

Learn some yoga and you will find that it is good for much more than just relieving a headache naturally!

Progressive Tension Release

This is something that takes a bit of practice, but once you master it you will be able to battle any type of pain you might experience naturally. Essentially you begin at your head and slowly work your way down your body, steadily eliminating the tension that is hiding behind the surface. Be very specific and talk yourself through the progression. Concentrate on the tension in your scalp and work your way down slowly. You will become quite good at finding the tight areas and releasing them through calm meditation. There are countless books on progressive tension release as well.

All of these headache cures are totally natural and will not put you at risk in any way. Try any combination of them the next time you develop a headache and you might be surprised at the results.

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Clary Sage Essential Oil: Cramp Relief without Medication

Natural cramp relief for when you have your period. This remedy uses essential oils and a DIY massage technique.

If you are a female, I’m certain you know about cramps. But are you familiar with clary sage and how it is used for cramp relief without medication?

First, allow me to introduce you to clary sage.

Clary sage has been around for centuries. As a source of natural phytoestrogens, it stimulates the body to produce more hormones bringing around a balancing effect. (However, the presence of phytoestrogens makes it unsuitable for use during pregnancy)

Although it has a sharp scent, it actually has a quieting effect on the emotions and is said to bring clarity.

When used with massage, clary sage has been found to reduce abdominal cramps.

I decided to put a clary sage massage to the test. Could it really work to relieve cramps?

clary sage cramp relief

Cramp Relief without Medication

First, you need:

A 1/3 ounce roller ball bottle
Carrier oil such as avocado, jojoba or almond oil
clary sage essential oil (here’s where I get mine)

Fill your roller ball with the carrier oil. Add 4 drops of clary sage essential oil.

Lie on your back in a quiet place.

Start at the belly button and use the roller ball to draw several circles on your abdomen in a clockwise direction slowly moving out.

Set aside the roller ball bottle and continue to massage in a circular motion pressing down gently. Continue for one minute.

cramp relief without medication

THE VERDICT: This method absolutely worked for me. I tried to inhale deeply while massaging and applied pretty good pressure since that is what I found soothing.

And if you want a little something-something extra to help soothe your cramps, I’d suggest lying with a heating pad on your back at the same time.

This method does have it’s limitations. It’s not really practical for when cramps strike in the middle of work, or school, or Target, since there is no place to lie down and massage.

However, once you have performed the massage, the scent of the clary sage will still linger on your skin. The small whiffs that I inhaled throughout the day brought instant, calming relief. I kinda loved it.

Please try it for yourself. I’d love to hear your results.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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Tropical Traditions Essential Oils Review: Best New Source for Oils

Disclaimer: Tropical Traditions provided me with a free sample of this product to review, and I was under no obligation to review it if I so chose. Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review or sponsor a product giveaway in return for the free product.


In the Greenbacks Gal household, we use essential oils for multiple purposes. So I was delighted to do a Tropical Traditions essential oils review.

First, I love to simply diffuse essential oils. It is not unusual to walk into my home to catch the scent of lavender or bergamot or cloves and oranges (my favorite at the holidays!).

I use different combinations to bring about different moods. For example, I’ll diffuse a few drops of orange oil with a few drops of peppermint to create a stimulating and creative scent when working.

Second, I love to make essential oil remedies such as an all natural vapor rub or vapor shower disks.

Finally, cleaning is made so much more enjoyable when you use essential oils. I delight in cleaning my yoga mat because of the lovely scent.

Where to Buy Essential Oils?

In the past, I’ve just picked up the brand sold at my local natural grocers. But the more interested I become in aromatherapy, the more important it has become to purchase quality essential oils.

And of course I care about organic options too!

That’s why I’m delighted Tropical Traditions has started carrying essential oils.

I have long trusted Tropical Traditions as the best place to get virgin coconut oil.

So I’m thrilled to announce that Tropical Traditions has started selling Florihana essential oils from France. These oils are 100% pure, 100% natural and the majority are 100% certified Organic: CEE by Ecocert and NOP-JAS by Control Union BV.

Why Florihana Essential Oils?

Florihana is world-renown for their unique low-heat proprietary distillation process. It is a highly innovative technology called “flash detente”, developed and perfected in its own laboratory. This process is unique in the world of aromatherapy. 

The distillation process is key to preserving as much of the essence of the original plant source as possible.

In addition, detailed labeling on each bottle helps  with complete traceability of each batch.

The bottle of clary sage that I received came with it’s own canister to keep it out of the light (a total plus in my book), had a great aroma (the whole reason for buying it!) and had an easy to control dropper top. I put it to use right away to try to relieve cramps without medication.


In addition to getting high quality essential oils, these oils are priced right! Many can be purchased for under $5!!!! And, as I mentioned, they come with an awesome metal canister for protecting your oils from the light that degrades them. Make sure to check out the whole selection so you can see the awesome pricing for yourself.

How do you use essential oils? 

If you order by clicking on any of my links and have never ordered from Tropical Traditions in the past, you will receive a free book on Virgin Coconut Oil, and I will receive a discount coupon for referring you.

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