Costco Healthy and Organic Coupon Deals: 3/23/17 – 4/17/17

Here are the Costco Coupon Deals running 3/23/17 through 4/17/17. Costco no longer requires you to clip the coupons to get the deals. This is the pricing in my store – yours may be slightly different.

I made a cool discovery this month: My Costco currently has beehives!


Sambazon Organic Acai Berry Superfood Juice $7.99
*$2.40/1 Sambazon Organic Acai Berry Superfood Juice Costco Coupon
Pay Just: $5.59


Food Should Taste Good Multigrain Tortilla Chips $5.99

*$2.00/1 Food Should Taste Good Multigrain Tortilla Chips Costco Coupon
Pay Just: $3.99

Nabisco Organic Triscuits $8.99
*$2.70/1 Nabisco Organic Original Flavor Triscuits Costco Coupon
Pay Just: $6.29

Jarlsberg Swiss Cheese Wedge $5.55 per pound

*$4.30/1 Jarlsberg Swiss Cheese Wedge Costco Coupon
Price will vary


Alba Botanica Sunscreen SPF 50, 2 ct 6 oz Spray + 1.1 oz Lotion – $15.99

*$4.00/1 Alba Botanica Sunscreen SPF 50 Costco Coupon
Pay Just: $11.99

Nature Made Organic Flaxseed Oil, 1400 mg $14.59

*$4.00/1 Nature Made Select Products Costco Coupon
Pay Just: $10.59

Did you know my family and I ate exclusively from Costco for a month, bought everything organic that we could, and only spent $475???

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Costco Grocery Shopping Price List for the Holidays

Costco Grocery Shopping Price List

If you do a lot of Costco grocery shopping, you’ve probably noticed they stock their shelves with seasonal items targeted at your holiday meals.

I cruised my Colorado Costco and took note of what they had in stock and made a price list for you. Compare these prices to your local sales flyer to see if you can save by buying your holiday meal grocery list at Costco.

Also, there are a lot of pre-packaged goods in this list. Making a holiday meal can be demanding. Not everyone is going to make everything from scratch. Thank you for your understanding.



Fresh Cranberries $3.49/2 lb bag

Organic Cut Butternut Squash $4.99/2 lbs

Brussel Sprouts $4.29/2 lbs

Pomegranate Arils $6.99/16 oz

Organic Sweet Potatoes $12.49/10 lb bag

Large Gold Potatoes $5.99/20 lb bag

Simply Fresh Harvest Salad $8.99/family size


Kirkland Signature Spiral Ham $1.99/lb

Kirkland Signature Half Master Carve Ham $2.29/lb

Vickey’s Kitchen Stuffed Turkey Breast $6.99/lb



Vickey’s Kitchen Brussels Sprouts Medley $12.99/2 lb

Butternut Squash with Streusel $9.99/30 oz

Harry’s Roast Turkey Gravy $7.99

Harry’s Organic Cranberry Sauce $6.99/30 ounces

Main Street Bistro Scallop Potatoes $6.79/40 oz

Main Street Bistro Mashed Potatoes $6.49/2-28 ounce tubs

Miss Cubbison’s Organic Stuffing $8.99/4 10-oz


Kirkland Signature Organic Green Beans $11.99/12 cans

Organic Sliced Mushrooms $9.99/12 cans

Dole Pineapple Chunks $9.69/8 cans


Kerrygold Butter $7.69

Rodelle Organic Baking Cocoa $6.99/25 oz

Kirkland Signature Organic Virgin Coconut Oil $17.99/84 oz

Kirkland Signature Organic Sugar $8.49/10 lbs

Kirkland Signature Organic Maple Syrup $10.99

Kirkland Signature Vanilla $15.75/16 oz

Kirkland Signature Whole Vanilla Beans $15.89/10 count

Rodelle Cinnamon Sticks $6.99/3 29 oz cans

Libby’s Pumpkin $8.49/6-15 oz cans

Kirkland Signature Chocolate Chips $8.79/4.5 lbs

Kirkland Signature Walnuts $9.99/48 oz

Kirkland Signature Pecan Halves $13.45/32 oz

Kirkland Signature Large Organic Eggs $6.99/24 ct

Red Star Active Yeast $4.39/2 lb

Central Milling Organic Unbleached Flour $11.69/20 lb

Krusteaz Pumpkin Spice Bread $7.99/64 oz

WHAT’S NOT ON THIS LIST? I looked but I found no turkeys! Not sure if they aren’t in yet, but I only found the stuffed turkey breast.

The gentleman in front of me had French Fried Onions in his cart. I never saw them on the shelf, but will look next time I go! I just want you to know they are there if you need them.

Finally, if you need a roasting pan, you can pick up the Circulon Professional Roaster with Rack for only $29.99.

Need help prepping for the holidays, check out my Tips, Tricks, and Recipes for Surviving Thanksgiving.

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New Organic Products I Found at Costco: July 2016

While wandering Costco I like to take note of any new organic offerings. If these aren’t in your store, I suggest filling out a comment card and letting Costco know you’d like these organic offerings too!

Some of these items may be seasonal (like the many ice cream bars!). If you have a freezer and like a particular product, I suggest stocking up.

organic turkey at Costco

Organic Turkey $4.99/Pound

jules organic yogurt bars

Jules Organic Yogurt Bars $0.83/Bar

jules organic ice cream sandwiches

Jules Organic Ice Cream Sandwiches Regularly $12.89/Box

healthy choice organic fudge bars

Healthy Choice Organic Fudge Bars $0.66/Bar

chloe organic

Chloe Organic Soft Serve Fruit Bars $0.75/Bar

Seeds of Change

Seeds of Change Brown and Red Rice with Chia and Kale $10.99/6

organic coconut milk

Thai Organic Coconut Milk $9.99/6 Pack (This may not be new. Have you seen it before???)

Bone Broth

Pacific Organic Chicken Bone Broth $18.99/6 Pack

quinoa macaroni

Gogo Quinoa Organic Macaroni $7.99/2.2 Pounds

What new organic products have you found at Costco???


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Costco: New Organic Products I Found {May 2016}

I’m always searching out new organic products at Costco. This week I had the perfect timing – Costco wasn’t too crowded and I wasn’t in a hurry.

Here is what I found at my Costco in Colorado. If you can’t find these at your Costco, you may want to fill out a suggestion card at your local Costco.

I wasn’t familiar with this brand of Organic Apple Cider Vinegar but yes! it has the mother!

organic apple cider vinegar

Superfood Smoothie Mix of protein, acai, and goji berry.

Superfood Smoothie Mix

I don’t shop for baby food, but I’d never noticed Sprout in my Costco before.

Sprout Organic Baby Food

This was a cool product – Light Brown Rice. They only partially remove the bran – so it retains part of the benefits of brown rice but cooks in only 20 minutes like a white rice.

Light Brown Rice

Have you had these Organic Flour Tortillas? Oh gosh so good!

uncooked flour tortillas

Love Beets now offer organic cooked beets!

love beets

Just in time for summer BBQs – two kinds of organic sausages!

beef sausage

Sweet Italian Sausage

In the frozen food section, they now have organic rice and cheese burritos.

organic beef and cheese burritos

These aren’t organic, but I could see buying them for a healthy snack on the ride home. (Grocery shopping makes me hungry as does the free samples.)

Ready Snax

Finally, if you need potting soil, they have organic potting soil! 

potting mix

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Costco: New Organic Products I Found {March 2016}

My Costco was pretty quiet yesterday, so I had a good chance to walk around and see what new organic products were in stock.

I’m really excited about these two new organic lunch options:

Organic Cheddar Cheese

Organic Rumiano Sliced Medium Cheddar $11.99/2 pounds

True Story Organic Sliced Turkey Breast $12.99/1.25 pounds

These aren’t new, but I just had never noticed they were organic:
Wholly Guacamole Organic Mini Cups $10.99/20 

These new 2 Minute Grains are really yummy:

Organic 2 Minute Grains
2 Minute Organic Grains $6.99/8

Organic Coconut Milk
Organic Thai Kitchen Coconut Milk $9.99/6 pack

They’ve always had chicken broth, so I was excited to see vegetable broth is now offered:

Organic Imagine Vegetable Broth
Organic Imagine Vegetable Broth $9.99/6 pack

Perfect for a diaper bag, packed lunch, or in your purse:
Happy Squeeze Organic Kale Apple Mango $10.49/12

I had one of these in the car on the way home (I was starving). The mango turmeric flavor was awesome:

Shine Organic

Shine Organic On The Go Nutrition $11.99/12

If you need gluten free:

Organic Riceworks

Organic Riceworks Quinoa, Chia and Herb Snack $5.89/Bag

In the snack section:

Popcornopolis Organic Popcorn Pack $12.99/30

I don’t think these are new, but I definitely have not seen them at my Costco for a while
Kirkland Organic Animal Crackers $9.79/64 oz

Back to Nature Organic Chocolate Chip Cookie Bites $9.89/24

Go Raw Organic Sprouted Pumpkin Seeds $9.39/16 oz

In the supplement section:

Orgain Organic Protein Powder $29.99/2.74 pounds

This is not organic but it is a convenient place to pick some up for your smoothies:

Amazing Grass Green Superfood

Amazing Grass Green Superfood $22.49/49 servings

In the personal care section:

The Honest Company Organic Cotton Tampons $18.99/64 count

The Honest Company Organic Cotton Panty Liners $16.99/96 count

EOS Costco Pack

EOS Lip Balm $10.99/5 Count These are 95% organic. I like the colors for Spring/Easter baskets!


Miracle Gro Organic Potting Soil $9.99/55 qt

That’s what’s new at Costco!

If you love shopping Costco, have you seen my 4 Week Costco Meal Plan?

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Costco: New Organic Products I Found {April 2015}

New Organic Products at Costco

WOW! My Costco has added quite a few new organic products to it’s shelves. I ran around and snapped pictures and noted prices.

My pictures aren’t great. They aren’t even good. It was crowded and busy when I went, so I just tried to get the best picture that also had pricing information.

Prices and products at Costco can vary – but usually not by much. Just keep that in mind when you shop.

Whole Fruit Organic Juice


Whole Fruit with Organic Juice $9.99/24 count

Organic Frozen Edamame $11.99/12 steamable bags

Organic Pomegranate Arils $8.99/bag

Organic Pineapple $6.99/3 lbs

Organic Spinach and Kale Blend $8.59/4 lb bag

BIBIGO Organic Potstickers $9.99/2 lbs

Organic Lentil Trio


Organic Lentil Trio $7.89/3 lb bag

Organic RAW Pure & Simple Instant Oat Packets Maple & Brown Sugar $9.99/40

Organic NUTZO Seeds and Nut Butter $16.79/Jar

Organic Walnuts $19.99/2 lbs

Organic Simple Bites Seeds, Nuts and Fruit Clusters $7.99/20 oz bag

Go Raw Organic Sprouted Pumpkin Seeds $9.39/bag

Organic Pistachios $15.79/bag


It’s back! The chicken coop is back!

Costco Chicken Coop

The coop is priced at $279.99

Costco Composter

Costco is also selling this double composting bin for $149.99.

Finally, if you are getting ready to garden, you can pick up Miracle Grow Organic Potting Mix bags for just $9.99!

Have you found a favorite new organic product at Costco?

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Costco and Trader Joe’s Recall Fruit 2014


Ack! I was just at Costco this am!!!

If you have purchased white and/or yellow whole peaches and nectarines, plums and/or plots, packed between June 1 and July 12 of this year, they were found to be potentially contaminated by Listeria monocytogenes. They were packed by Wawona Packing.

Take your potentially contaminated fruit back to the store for a 100% refund.

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