Cookbooks for FREE or Under $2!

Super Natural Every Day Cookbook

UPDATE: You need to spend $30 to use the $15 credit. :( Still, you can get two for the price of one – a hardcover cookbook at $7.50 ain’t too bad. ;)

One Kings Lane is having a FANTASTIC cookbook sale! Cookbooks are marked down and offer savings of up to 35% off.

So how can you get a cookbook free? If you are new to One Kings Lane, you will receive a $15 credit. In this cookbook sale, there are 22 cookbooks priced at under $15! Apply your $15 credit, and get the book FREE! {You will need to pay shipping however.}

I happen to have Super Natural Every Day and LOVE it! It is priced at only $15 – so FREE with credit!

There are 14 cookbooks priced at $16 to $17 each. Pay $2 or less for titles like:

  • Blackbird Bakery Gluten-Free
  • Canning for a New Generation (I also have this and LOVE it)
  • The Art of the Slow Cooker
  • The First Real Kitchen Cookbook
  • The Winter Vegetarian

Seriously, there are so many titles I want the ALL!

Finally, I want to mention Mark Bittman’s Food Matters is priced at only $23 – so just $8!

Sale ends Wednesday 1/16/13. One King’s Lane is a daily deal site. When you sign-up, you will start getting daily emails from their site.

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  1. You have to spend $30 to use the $15 credit. Still a good deal but you can’t get anything for free. Plus shipping is $7, kind of a lot compared to Amazon prime.

  2. Thank you Jennifer. I updated the post. Two cookbooks for the price of one is still a pretty good deal. Andrea

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