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Costco Deals: Organic Price List 2013

Costco Deals

One of the reasons I joined Costco was the deals on organic products. But how can you identify whether a price at Costco is a good one, or if you should just buy it at the grocery store? 

I’ve listed all the organic products I could find at my Costco and made note of the price. At the bottom of this post, you can find the printer button:

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Print this list for your reference, or you can bookmark, pin or Google + it so you can refer to it and do a price comparison to prices where you shop.


Horizon Organic Plain Yogurt $3.49/32 oz

Kirkland Signature Organic Salted Butter $7.69/(2) 1 lb quarters

Horizon Organic Half & Half $4.29/64 oz

Silk Organic Vanilla Soy Milk $6.99/(3) 64 oz

Kirkland Signature Fat Free Organic Milk $9.49/(3) 64 oz **$3.16/half gallon**

Kirkland Signature 1% Lowfat Organic Milk $9.69/(3) 64 oz **$3.23/half gallon**

Kirkland Signature Organic Brown Eggs $7.49/24 count **$3.75/dozen**


Organic Green Beans $5.99/5 lbs

Organic Broccoli $6.79/4 lbs

Organic Dark Cherries $12.99/4 lbs

Organic Blueberries $8.99/3 lbs


RW Knudsen Organic Blueberry Pomegranate 100% Juice $4.99/64 oz

Horizon Organic Chocolate Milks $14.99/24 count


Organic Mixed Baby Kale $4.49/1.5 lbs

Organic Spring Mix $3.99/1 lb

Organic Caesar Salad Kit $4.49/1 lb

Organic Cello Carrots $4.99/10 lbs

Organic Peeled Carrot Snack Packs $5.79/24

Organic Peeled Carrots $4.99/5 lbs

Organic Sliced Apples $8.99/8 pack


Kirkland Signature Organic Ground Beef $16.99/4 lbs **$4.25/lb**

Organic Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breasts $5.99/lb

Organic Boneless, Skinless Chicken Thighs $3.99/lb

Organic Chicken Drumsticks $1.79/lb

Fresh Coleman Organic Whole Chicken $2.49/lb


Organic Faro $7.49/3 lb

Organic Whole Grain Quinoa $8.79/64 oz

Harvest Medley Blend Organic Wild Rice $7.39/3.2 lb

Minsley Organic Brown Rice Bowl $6.99/(6) Bowls

Lundberg Organic Short Grain Brown Rice $12.99/12 lb


Wholesome Sweetners Organic Blue Agave Nectar $9.99/(2) 36 oz bottles

Nutiva Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil $21.49/78 oz

Kirkland Signature Organic EV Olive Oil $11.99/67.6 oz

Wholesome Sweetners Fair Trade/Organic Granulated Sugar $10.99/10 lbs

Central Milling Organic Unbleached All Purpose Flour $10.99/(2) 10 lb bags


Truroots Organic Sprouted Bean Medley $9.99/3 lbs

McCormick Organic Oregano $3.99/2.5 oz Jar

Better Than Bouillon Organic Beef Base $6.79/16 oz

Garofalo Organic Pasta Variety Pack $8.29/(6) 1.1 lb pkgs

Italian Organic Whole Wheat Spaghetti $9.69/(8) 1.1 lb pkgs

Heinz Organic Ketchup $6.99/(2) 44 oz bottles

Kirkland Signature Organic Stewed Tomatoes $5.99/(8) 14.5 oz cans

Kirkland Signature Organic Diced Tomatoes $5.99/(8) 14.5 oz cans

Kirkland Signature Organic Tomato Paste $5.99/(12) 6 oz cans

Kirkland Signature Organic Tomato Sauce $6.99/(12) 15 oz cans

Classico Organic Pasta Sauce $8.99/(3) 32 oz jars

Flax USA Organic Milled Flax $7.99/48 oz

Kirkland Signature Organic Maple Syrup $13.99/1 ltr

Kirkland Signature Organic Chicken Stock $11.99/6

Amy’s Kitchen Organic Chili $11.89/(6) 14.7 oz cans

Treetop Organic Applesauce $9.99/(4) 47.25 oz jars

Kirkland Signature Organic Ancient Grains Cereal $6.99/(2) 17.6 oz bags

Kirkland Signature Organic Strawberry Spread $7.29/42 oz

Nature’s Path Organic Flax Plus Pumpkin Granola Cereal $7.59/35.3 oz

Newman’s Own Organics K-Cups $36.89/80 count **.46/cup of coffee**

Organic Udon Noodles $6.39/(6) 6 oz pkgs

Kirkland Signature Organic Salsa $7.69/(2) 38 oz jars

Kirkland Signature Organic Tortilla Chips $4.99/40 oz bag

Annie’s Organic Shells & Yellow Cheddar $15.89/(15) 6 oz boxes

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