Freezer Lust

Allow me to try to explain my feelings about Pinterest to you.

My oldest daughter is about to start driving. Her dream car is a VW bug. Recently, while passing a cute little white bug, she commented, “Look at that girl getting into that bug.  Her life must be perfect. It must always be sparkles and rainbows.” Ha. Ha. Ha. {You’re not getting a VW bug child!}

I know my daughter was kidding, but I think that is exactly what happens to me every time I get on Pinterest. I mean, look at this freezer:


Source: via Kimberlee on


SERIOUSLY! Sparkles and Rainbows, right? Life would be perfect, right?

Well….instead of just envying this freezer, I decided I needed to strive for a little more organization in my freezer. I mean just imagine. I go to the freezer. I open the door. I actually know what is in there! Tears of joy. That’s what that freezer would bring to my life.

So I’m joining my friend Nicole at Simple Organic and I’m going from “pin” to “real life”. Here’s what my freezer looked like before:

Freezer "Before" Picture

Thanks to a beautiful snow, I was able to pull everything out of the freezer, put it into coolers, and stick it outside while I defrosted my freezer. I also had to have my husband fix the bottom shelf of my freezer. You can see that it is slanting to the right.

Are you ready for the big reveal?

Inside the Freezer

I used containers I had around the house to organize my food groups the way they did in the picture. I then used the 3M container sticker samples I was given to try when I was at Blogher. The 3M peeps said they’d stick even in a freezer. So far, they really do!

It wasn’t enough to just group my foods together. I also wanted to keep an inventory. So I used brightly colored 3×5 cards to make a record of what I have.

Freezer Inventory CardsFinally, I used another free sample I received from 3M for their sticker pockets. I stuck a pocket onto the outside of the freezer and I added my inventory cards.

Inventory Pocket

So maybe it’s lacking a bit of the color of the original picture, and maybe I just couldn’t find the time to make darling laminated labels, but I’m pleased with the results. In fact, now that I have an organized freezer, it’s all rainbows and sparkles people! Rainbows and sparkles!

Are you on Pinterest? What do you lust after?


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  1. Honestly, I am not about to make laminated tags for my freezer, but they do make for a pretty picture. I cleaned out my freezer and re-organized it last weekend, not because I was inspired by Pinterest, but because I couldn’t find anything; it was too full. I like that envelope that you have; it looks very handy.

  2. Kristia – Laminated labels are a bit over the top I agree. But so stinkin cute. I’d love to know if someone really did make those – the pinterest image came from Better Homes and Gardens. It is nice to have an organized freezer, isn’t it?

  3. Kinda Crunchy Kate says:

    It looks great! Good organization definitely evokes rainbows and sparkles for me! 🙂

  4. I didn’t even think of taking advantage of the cold weather to defrost! I’ll do that this season for sure. But I too see no lamination in my future! I like the cookie sheet tray holder stacking thingy. And your new organized freezer- looks great!

  5. I lust after the size of your freezer! We have a standard size one and it always feels packed. I made a commitment to clear things out so I also made an inventory list that hangs on the side of the fridge. It has helped save grocery money this week and make meal planning a lot easier.

  6. I love this idea! I have things buried in the freezer that are no longer identifiable with out chipping off a couple inches of frost.

    Thanks for commenting on my blog!

  7. Karen, As you can see from my before picture – that was exactly the problem I was having! It is one of those housekeeping chores I don’t enjoy… thawing the freezer. Andrea

  8. Emily, I was very lucky. My mom got a small inheritance from a great uncle, and she decided to share her windfall by buying me a freezer. Thanks for visiting! Andrea

  9. Esther, My mom always had us help her thaw the freezer during the first snow. It’s just one of our “things” I guess! Thanks for your comment! Andrea

  10. Kate, Is that what it is? The organization that makes it so sparkly and wonderful? That makes total sense now that you said it. Andrea

  11. Another idea for keeping track of what’s in your freezer is to use a little dry erase board with a magnetic back. Stick it on the outside of your freezer and just write down what you have and use tally marks (without the cross over line for #5, just add another tally mark) to mark how many. If you take something out, wipe off one tally mark. No crossing things out or having to remake pretty cards, just keep wiping something off when it’s gone and keep reusing the board over and over again. My little board finally got so it didn’t wipe clean anymore last year, but my first one lasted over 8 years!

  12. I LOVE the before and after pics! I have a couple of these freezer org ideas pinned but they haven’t made it to real life. This is so inspiring–especially because it actually looks doable.

  13. Thank you Anne! It was very doable and I love the results. It was LONG overdue!

  14. Carrie, Your white board idea is a much better plan. I used what I had on hand, but I’ll add that to my “upgrade” plan! Thanks!

  15. Elisabeth@SimpleGreenishLiving says:

    Looks great! Now that my pantry is in order, I definitely want to tackle a freezer/frig inventory. What would be GENIUS is if there were some sort of iPhone app for that! I had started a spreadsheet on my laptop…but an inventory on my phone would be SO much more convenient 🙂

  16. Elisabeth, Your idea for a freezer app is pure genius! Wonder how hard it is to make an app….. 🙂 Andrea

  17. Wooooooowwww! It really IS rainbows and sparkles! Found you from Simple Organic’s link up, and I love that you did this. Want to come do mine now? 🙂

  18. It looks great! You must be so much less stressed! I love the inventory idea. How many times have I bought stuff I already had in the freezer. I am a new Twitter Follower from Milk and Cuddles. Vicky from

  19. 1) Your daughter cracks me up!
    2) Pinterest is amazing and gives me daily envy!
    3) I really need a deep freezer. My side by side fridge/freezer does not cut it.
    4) Great reveal!

    Thank you so much for linking this up on my mommy solution meme. Moms everywhere can certainly benefit from this!

    I am sharing a link over on Facebook.

  20. Andrea- this was the most clicked mommy solution shared on my meme last week! Check out your feature here:

    I can not wait to see what you share this week.

  21. Love this post…I have tried it but in my little refrigerator freezer but it is not always neat. I think I will get an upright and start organized from the start. Thank you for your ideas.

  22. Seriously? Thank you Crystal! Hmmm. Now what to link up this week!

  23. Nicole @ Simple Organic says:

    Love this, Andrea! So inspiring! I’m going to go repin that idea! We’re going to be buying a chest freezer soon and I definitely want to get more organized. Taking inventory is such a good idea –especially if I’m going to have some of frozen stuff in the garage, I love the idea of keeping a list in the house of what’s out there.
    Thanks for linking up, too!

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