GBG List of Three: Small Steps to Normal

We have officially been back in the States for 1 month! Yet ~ we are absolutely nowhere on the put-back of our flooded out house. How can that be? We’ve had insulation guys, electrician guys, foundation guys, HVAC guys, framing guys, flooring guys, no gals, all guys, come look, tell us what they can do for us, and go. No bids. No estimates. No contracts. Nothing of substance has happened.

In addition to the fact that I am essentially camping in my home, I just got news that my car is still in Amman. Amman, Jordan. The Middle East. Nowhere near the Western state of Colorado. Pete has to go back to work next week, so its a good thing we got his bike all tuned up! (Using a Groupon coupon BTW! Shameless plug – click on the ad to the right of this post. Go on. I know you want to. You feel compelled now, don’t you?)

Anywho. Every Friday I feature the:

These are three things I plan to do this weekend to make my week go better. In light of my dismal situation, here is what I plan to do:

1. Post pictures all over the house of what I want my house to look like someday (perhaps before Christmas? optimistically speaking!) Some examples:

My Exterior Wish:

Never mind that it looks nothing close to this now. I gotta dream!!!! I never said the pictures had to in any way represent the reality of what will happen. Just what I dream can happen.

And I want a kitchen. Nothing too fancy. Something with cabinets and appliances and running water. Plain. Simple. Functional. That is all I need. And maybe a paddle game. And an ashtray. But that’s it. That’s all I need.

So that is what I plan to do. To tape pictures all over the house of what we’ll eventually have if we are really, really good (or something like that!).

2. Collect Coupons. In order to get even close to what we want, I need to par down our expenses. Since it is the first of the month this weekend, I plan to do a little coupon round up by getting extra papers and hitting up the Natural Food store for Mambo Sprouts coupon booklets.

3. Cook mass quantities of pinto beans. Sounds strange, I know. However, Copper, our dog, still has to eat only beans and rice until we determine if he has any food allergies. Why yes, beans do have the same effects on dogs as humans. Why yes, he does love to lay at our feet and be as close to us as possible. Why yes, I am ready for step two of this allergy program – even though I don’t know what that step is. I’m sure another $160 vet visit will explain it all to me.

What about you? How are things in your world?

Submitted to O My Family.

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