GBG List of Three: Winterize and Organize

Whew. Is it Labor Day already?

In Colorado we woke up to cold this morning, but are expecting to have a beautiful weekend! In between football games and BBQs, here is what is on the

  1. With the warm weather this weekend, but winter right around the corner, this is the weekend to put the yard to bed! We plan to aerate the lawn and fertilize. Then I’ll trim back all the dead growth on my plants, rake under the plants, and add mulch where needed. I hope to get a little vitamin D from the sun!
  2. The last shipment of our belonging came from Jordan this week. We’re slowly but surely unpacking. Included in this shipment was all our small storage containers for lunch stuff. I plan to wash and freeze grapes in individual packets for quick lunch making in the AM. (Anyone else hate this chore? I think I hate it because it comes so early each day – when not enough coffee has been consumed!) I’ll also individually pack the chips, pretzels, and graham bunnies I’ve bought over the last few weeks.
  3. My in-laws come back next week! I’ll lose the kitchen I’ve been using while ours is under repair –  and the ability to cook. I went to Whole Foods today and bought a bunch of ground beef. I plan to make a few freezer meals that will help us eat healthy while we have no kitchen

What are 3 things you plan to do this weekend to make your upcoming week better?

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