Graduation Gift Ideas for High School Girl

Graduation Gift Ideas for High School Girls
In just a few short days I’ll have a high school graduate!

With graduation just around the corner, I’ve been trying to come up with graduation gift ideas for high school girls.

My daughter has been invited to sooooo many parties. Some of the parties are for friends she has had since kindergarten. Others are for friends she sees in her classes but maybe not outside of school.

Anywho, I’ve come up with gifts for all the girls. Some I’ve spent more money on than others – dependent upon her relationship with them.

First, I headed over to the Vera Bradley sale. I was able to find luggage tags and zip ID cases for just $5.88 each!

For her closest friends, we picked out the zip ID cases.

Then, I folded together a $20, a $10, and a $5 to form a 2015.

class of 2015

Next, I put them in the view window of the zip case with a small piece of paper with a handwritten “Class Of” like so:

high school girl graduation gift idea

While I love the Class of 2015 idea, if you happen to have a graduate in a different year, it can be fun to write a check for the year. For example, you may give them a check for $20.16.

For a less expensive alternative, I’m also using gift cards.

graduation gift idea

For the least expensive idea of all, and for those girls she is friends with, but not close friends, I picked up a selection of luggage tags.

I included a handwritten “Oh the Places You’ll Go” note.

Gift Idea Luggage Tag

At just $5.88 for the luggage tag, this was an affordable way to recognize those sweet girls while still maintaining some sort of budget!

This year I made these gifts again, but I also made some Study Session Survival Kits based on the recommendation of my college kid.

graduation gift ideas for girls

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  1. Great Idea!! I’ll be using this

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