Green Links: 6/18/11

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Green Links post! I like them … not sure how I got off track????

Making Green: Lessons Learned During a Layoff are things we think we know but are worth repeating!

Saving Green: Life…Your Way has an extensive FREE printables library! Menu plans, Babysitter and Emergency info, Christmas cookie tags….it looks like you can print most anything!

Going Green: I think my sweet friend Rebekah fell victim to this yesterday. Green vs Greener – A New Take on Eco-Snobbery. Have you ever felt someone was being an eco-snob??

Growing Green: I love this Infographic on Home Gardening. Check out the “return on investment part.” Wowza! From my interactions here on The Greenbacks Gal, I have to say gardeners are some of the kindest people – so I think it’s a really good thing it’s a growing trend!

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  1. ivey @ says:

    hi andrea,

    i just found your site the other day and have been enjoying it. i have gotten lazy lately with my grocery shopping and you make it more appealing to save some $!


    ivey patton

  2. Thank you so much for sharing that link! I’ve certainly felt “not green enough” from time to time. 🙁

  3. I’ve read so many forum posts about how expensive vegetable gardening is, and how long it takes to recoup the investment and it just makes me crazy. I think it’s one of the reasons I worked to scavenge my garden materials for free or really really cheap. Of course, those same people griping about the expense would have no part of using USED lumber to hold their dirt, so they would hear nothing of what I might have to say… 🙂

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