Growing Green: Craigslist Equals Cheap Plants

In addition to the 300 square feet of raised bed gardens we installed this year, we’ve also designated a corner of our yard to fruits.

Fruit Beds

Only the strawberries have been planted, and I’m so excited because they are starting to spread!

Strawberry Plants Spreading

I used the $25 Gardens Alive offer to order the strawberries. I also ordered my raspberry canes, but we have been waiting for it to warm up a bit before planting them. One of my mom’s friends has offered to let me transplant some rhubarb out of her yard, so I hope to do that soon. That just left the wild currants.

The good news? I found them for $2 on Craigslist! Today my husband and I drove about 20 minutes down the highway and stopped at an old cherry orchard. A sweet couple bought the cherry orchard in hopes of cleaning it up. That is where Craigslist came in. She has all kinds of bushes that have grown up as suckers. It’s so savvy on their part – let others pay a few bucks to come down and dig them out! Benefits us, benefits them!

Digging Wild Currants

Pete dug out two wild currant bushes from the base of a cherry tree.

This was such a fun outing for us. Not only did we get two wild currant bushes, we picked up 18 fresh eggs and 2 bottles of locally produced honey! PLUS, I’d never seen a goat with a beard!

Goat with beard

There were goats all over Jordan, and I was used to seeing them herded up the street or grazing in vacant lots. But none of them were this cute!!!!!

And I just thought these two were a hoot! I don’t know if you can see how there is a tooth sticking out on the one on the right.

I tell you. Makes me wish my HOA allowed farm animals! The farmer said they were great at alerting them to coyotes. I’d like them to warn me when this guy comes around:


We have bears that come down every summer. In addition to the berries I’ve planted, I also put in an apple tree and a peach tree. I know that it will be inevitable that this guy will want to have his share. I’m ok with that – as long as he doesn’t rip our gate off again.

Have you gotten any good deals off Craigslist?

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  1. I love your garden plans. I just (finally) planted 100 strawberry plants in 2 square foot garden boxes. Now it is freezing here again. I hope they survive.
    What kind of bear is that? Black bear? My kids were just asking if we would see bears in Colorado Springs this summer and I said no. I may have to take that answer back!

  2. 100 plants Tiffany! I only planted 25! Feeling like an underachiever. 🙂 But, I can tell you we woke up to snow 3 days over the last week and my strawberries look great.
    And, that is a black bear. I think you’re staying downtown, right? Not a lot of wildlife gets down there, but they are all over the place by the resort!

  3. If you like blueberries, you might watch for a deal on Serviceberries or Saskatoons (as far as I can tell, they are the same thing). I used a $25/$50 Gurney’s deal a couple years ago and got the Saskatoons, grape & raspberries. I got a handful of the Saskatoons the first year (the blooming “stick” in my blog and they’re like blueberries but they do have a bigger seed. But they grow here b/c they don’t require acid soil. The birds love them too- either the birds or the dog stole the berries last year. They grow into a pretty good sized shrub eventually.

  4. I haven’t used Craigslist, but it sounds like you are getting a great deal. I am also in the midst of adding in more edible gardening area. Lots of work. In years past, I used to do a lot of plant trading from, where you can often also get plants sent to you just for postage, or trade things. Generally that group is excellent. The other day, a guy posted plants on freecycle nearby, and we sent a request, but haven’t heard back. 🙁 Good luck with the project!

  5. I’ve never heard of Saskatoons. Thanks for the info – I love blueberries, so I’d love to try these!

  6. Thank you Renee for the info on I’ll spend a little time hunting around there this afternoon! I looked on freecycle a few weeks ago, and need to look again as I know things change quickly. I hope you hear back on what you need!

  7. Cute pictures!! You inspired me to go look at Craigslist!

  8. Holy cow! A bear! I would be so freaked out.


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  2. […] I know I want a rhubarb patch. I even know where I want the rhubarb patch. What I didn’t know was you really should get your rhubarb planted in April. May at the […]

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