Growing Green: Garden Tour

Just like a politician, I’m flip-flopping today! Usually on a Monday you get your Meatless Monday recipe. But two things have happened. First, I just got back in town last night from visiting the East Coast. So I’m totally unprepared for Meatless Monday. Second, I’m part of Northwest Edible Life’s Nosy Neighbor Garden Tour. So I needed to get my garden post up today instead of a Tuesday. Be sure to head over to Northwest Edible Life and check out all the garden posts to grow your garden inspiration! And if you’re visiting from the tour – it’s my first organic garden! Go ahead! MAKE A SUGGESTION! See something I could do better, I’d love your advice!

So sit down and take a look around at how things are growing here in Colorado!

Here is where we started. We dug up this corner and added raised beds:

Garden During Construction

Now it is this:

Garden in August

I made a mistake with the first bed. I really did believe that filtered light would be ok for a Colorado garden. What? I’m a novice here peeps! I believe people when they give gardening advice! I don’t know what I’ll plant in here next year, particularly in the back corner, but it’s gotta like some shade, which probably means it won’t be a veggie of any sort. And excuse the weeds. One week of my being gone, and they’ve made themselves at home. I feel it’s a bit like showing up to a party with lipstick on my teeth or a bra strap showing.

First Raised Bed

The next raised bed has been so much fun. I love the beets and carrots. We thought we’d have harvested them all already, so we stuck a cantaloupe and a watermelon plant in the back. Here’s the deal. I now know you can’t just stick a watermelon or cantaloupe in just anywhere. You plan for a watermelon. You plan for a cantaloupe.

Second Raised Bed

I thought I’d enjoy a cutting garden, so I took the smallest bed and added zinnias and sunflowers. I hope to have fresh cut flowers in the Fall, but next year… I won’t have a fresh cut garden. Maybe a few zinnias or sunflowers in the back of a bed – but definitely not a whole bed. Veggies are waaaaaay more fun!

Flower Bed

And next year I’ll make more room for my tomatoes! I’m so proud of how well they are doing since I started them from seed when all the naysayers said there wasn’t enough time for tomatoes to be grown from seed in Colorado!

First Tomatoes

And here is what I had planned for the section of the yard I think of as the fruit garden when I started it this Spring:

Fruit BedsAs I mentioned previously, I missed the Rhubarb planting season. But, I’m really pleased with how the currants I got from Craig’s List are growing! And remember how I lamented that only 4 of my raspberry canes made it? Well, it turns out 6 have made it! And as you saw up above, I stuck my white pumpkins in one of the raised beds. We’ll get a raised bed made next year, or maybe in the Fall, and I’ll plan for my watermelon and cantaloupe next year! Here is how it is all growing now!

Fruit Garden

I wasn’t planning on the peonies, but I love them. And they will act as my cut flowers next year instead of a zinnia/sunflower bed.

And that’s how The Greenbacks Gal garden grows! Now I’m off to take the tour of all the other gardens! Won’t you join me?

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  1. I love your garden. It looks so well planned and healthy. My garden is in serious need of some heavy duty weed pulling right now.

  2. Holy smokes, girl! Your garden is amazing!!!

  3. Hi Rose! I tried to comment on your blog but the comment box wouldn’t come up??? I loved your dog quotes. Your coon dog is beautiful! Thanks for visiting The Greenbacks Gal!

  4. Your gardens are beautiful. The white pumpkins seem interesting. I grew pumpkins last year and they took over my garden and yard. very hearty.

  5. Oh fun! I loved this post. Your garden looks awesome! It looks so peaceful – I want to come over 🙂

  6. Thank you Stacy! Please come over anytime! Andrea

  7. Hi Andrea,

    What type of wood did you use to make your raised beds, and where did you purchase it? I definitely don’t want to use pressure treated wood since the chemicals it is treated in defeat the purpose of an organic garden. Thank you so much! I love your blog! I believe I will go purchase a Costco membership this weekend. I had no idea I could feed my family organic whole foods for around $400 per month. I currently spend that in two weeks. Of course I am buying some of it at Whole Foods.

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