Growing Green GBGal Garden Update: 55 Onion Starts

“We’ve reached the point where there is no way that large-scale growers – using chemical fertilizers, insecticides, pesticides, fungicides, and herbicides, and raising varieties suited to mechanical handling and processing – are going to be able to offer significantly better vegetables than are already on the market.” ~ Sal Gilbertie in small-plot, high-yield gardening

Despite the quote above, most of us get the majority of our produce from the grocers. Today, I’m over at Eat at Home talking about How to Save on Fresh Fruits and Vegetables. This is one area where I’ve really been able to save on our weekly budget, yet I still make it my number one priority to buy produce every week.

There is one thing I left off the list. Grow your own. Although I’ve been able to get free plants and seeds, I’ll be the first to admit, I know nothing about gardening! I am in over my head. I showed you where we started. And here is where I am today:

GBGal Garden Onion Starts

Four beds built but only one crop planted.

I’m pretty sure this year my garden won’t be a budget saver. Too much work has gone into it to this point, and too little knowledge on my part means I know I’ll have plenty of crop failures.

My garden is an investment. Flavorful, healthy, organic, home grown food is the dividend. It will take time for my investment to pay off. But if my kids end up with memories of picking a snap pea fresh off the vine, or eating raspberries until there aren’t any more on the bushes, it will end up being a very worthwhile investment indeed.

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  1. You are so right! Gardening is an investment {especially the first {gettin’ serious} year}, but an investment that will reap so many benefits in years to come. Not only by fruits of your labor, but memories, and so forth!

    Thanks for linking up to Frugal Gardening 101. You mind adding the link into your post? 🙂

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