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Inspired in 2013

One Thing Inspires [1]

The last night of 2012 I asked on my FB page “If you could sum up your 2012 in one word, what would it be?” The responses varied from “Challenging” “Difficult” and “Heartbreaking” to “Blessed” “Grateful” and “Thankful”.

All of those words summed up my 2012. It was heartbreaking to move my dad into assisted living. I feel thankful to have my health. I’ve found it challenging to juggle all the parts of my life, but grateful for the family, friends, and work that make my life complete. Sometimes those difficult circumstances have left me the most blessed.

What word will we use to describe 2013?

I thought about what I’d like my life in 2013 to look like and came up with “Inspired”. And I want to share that inspiration with you. Looking back at 2012, I wanted to see what articles resonated with you all and draw my future inspiration from those topics.

The Greenbacks Gal was started because I needed to make feeding my family organic products more affordable. I figured if I wanted to save, so did other moms. More people visit my Organic Coupons page than any other page on this site. It’s inspiring to know that the organic movement has reached so many.

That said, the organic and natural coupon round-ups will continue, but not all the match-ups. Looking through my stats, Target, Costco, Sprouts, and Whole Foods get viewed the most (really, the only ones that get viewed!), so I’ll continue providing ways to save on organic, real food at those stores. And look for a Whole Foods 101 this year (great suggestion Birgit!)

The most pinned recipe on my site is Spiced Green Tea [2] followed closely by Homemade Black Apple Tea [3]. Tea is so versatile not to mention healthy. Look for more delicious ways to add tea to your diet.

NATURAL ALTERNATIVES Right after organic coupons, the most viewed posts on The Greenbacks Gal are All Natural Hand Sanitizer [4]and All Natural Sunburn Treatment [5]. Look for more All Natural, DIY and upcycle projects on The GBG it Works for Me!

#EATYOURGREENS in 2013 In 2013 I’m inspired to motivate others to Eat Your Greens! Eating a variety of vegetables is vital to our health. From Vegan to Paleo – vegetables should make up the bulk of our diet. I hope you’ll join the hashtag on Instagram and Twitter. I hope you’ll SUBMIT YOUR RECIPES or Follow Eat Your Greens on Pinterest – and start your own board! Let’s take back our health in 2013 and Eat Your Greens!

Finally, DITCH THE BAGS AND BOXES Buying processed foods is easy. And tasty. Lots of science goes into our cravings for processed foods. Make 2013 the year you ditch the boxes and the bags. From setting up a real food kitchen, to stocking your pantry with real ingredients, to easy recipes – we’re going to be cooking this year!

Thank you for taking the time to read The Greenbacks Gal.