Organic Coupons

Do coupons for organic products really exist? How can you find them so you can start using them to save on your organic groceries?

Organic Coupons

Here are the best places to find organic coupons:

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Online Printable Coupon Sites.  Mambo Sprouts is a coupon site with the best organic printable coupons. Coupons can also be printed from, Red Plum, Hopster, SmartSource, and Cool Savings. These coupon sites are updated continuously. However, there are only a few organic printable grocery coupons on these sites each month; be sure to check often and to print them right away as print quantities are limited.

Facebook. Facebook is quickly becoming a hot spot for free samples, coupons, and special offers. Make sure you like The Greenbacks Gal. These offers are time sensitive so I post them to Facebook  – you don’t want to miss out on these deals! PLEASE NOTE: I do not post all offers to my Facebook fan page. To get all offers, please subscribe to the newsletter.

Recyclebank. Recyclebank allows you to take short quizzes and pledges (under 2 minutes) and cash those points in for coupons for green and organic products. These are coupons you won’t find anywhere else and are usually of a really high value (think $2/1 Kashi product!) Click here to join and start accumulating points.

Online E-Coupon Sites. (see post here for more info) E-coupon sites include Shortcuts, Cellfire, P&GeSaver, & Savings Star. These are paperless coupons you load onto your store loyalty card. The savings come off when your card is swiped.  Or, in the case of Savings Star, you get the savings in gift cards.

Target Printable Coupons. Did you know you can print coupons from Target? You can even stack a Target coupon with a manufacturers coupon! I post Target deals and stacking opportunities every week – which can make for some SWEET savings! Make sure you Subscribe to The Greenbacks Gal to start saving on organic and green products at Target!

Sunday Papers. There are three main circulars that come in the Sunday paper: Red Plum, Smart Source, and Procter and Gamble. What circular is in the paper varies from week to week.  There are occasional organic coupons in the Sunday paper, enough that I recommend getting a subscription. Get the subscription for the largest paper you can.

Manufacturer Websites. Have a product you love? Look on the manufacturer website for coupons. Usually these are listed under “Coupons”, “Special Offers”, or “Promotions”. These coupons switch out as the manufacturer is trying to promote different products. However, once you print one, you may not be able to go back and print more. Also, the coupon is usually only good for a limited time – usually 30 days. So sometimes it pays off to wait for a sale before checking the website for a coupon. No coupons offered? Try writing an email and letting them know how much you love their products. Be sure to include your physical address because they just might decide to mail a coupon to you!

Vitacost. Don’t have very many organic options where you live? Vitacost has a rewards program that gives you $10 in rewards to spend on their site. That’s a “free” $10 to spend on gluten-free items, vegan items, or organic items. Look for their fantastic sale prices and save right off the bat!

Grocers/Big Box Websites. Grocers such as Safeway and Big Boxes such as Target will put coupons on their website. These coupons may be printables, e-savers, or even text messages. The best part of using these coupons? Most companies allow you to stack a store coupon with a manufacturer coupon. This is where you save the most. Find out How to Stack Whole Foods Market coupons.

Whole Foods Coupon Shopping Trip

Groceries purchased at Whole Foods with coupon stacks.

In The Store. Check EVERYWHERE. If you are looking for organic grocery coupons, most often they will be right next to the product. Customer service, the deli, and the pharmacy are good places to start looking for special savings books. Often times, stores such as Walgreens have their monthly store coupons right inside their doors. Throughout the store there are also Blinkies, Peelies and Tearpads. Grocer’s shelves may have blinkie coupon machines located next to a product – called a blinkie because it is meant to get your attention. Peelies are coupons that are stuck to the products themselves. Tearpads are coupon pads also located next to a product. What you need to know about the “rules” to Blinkies, Peelies and Tearpads: If you want a blinkie or tearpad coupon, go ahead and take one. You do not need to use them that day or in that store. But don’t be a hog and take them all. Share the coupon love and it will come back to you. Peelies are different. They are meant to be spent on that product that day. Please do not pull them all off and save them. Again, coupon karma comes into play.

Coupon Clipping Sites. There are many, many coupon clipping sites from which you can buy coupons. Usually, the cost is somewhere around a dollar or two for a quantity of a certain coupon. You can even find coupons on Ebay. If it is a product you really love, always use, or never goes on sale, this is worth doing. I’d recommend finding a coupon clipping service close to your geographical area that will mail to you the same day. This helps to get your coupons quickly.

Coupon Trains and Trading Clubs. Find a coupon buddy and trade.

Through the Mail. Check out How I got FREE products and coupons through the mail!

Magazines. There is only one really great coupon magazine – All You. It is only sold in WalMart or by subscription. It also has a great website and will post exclusive coupons there. Regular subscriptions don’t offer a lot of coupons, but they do offer a sprinkling. If you like a magazine, and can get it for free or super cheap, subscribe. Just don’t do it for the coupons.

Product Packaging. Check that box! Coupons are often times located outside or even inside the box!

Once you start collecting coupons, you’ll need a way to organize them. Check out How I Organize Coupons.

If you are looking for organic grocery coupons, you can find them! You just need to look! Also, look for my coupons on The Money Saving Mom Natural and Organic Coupon and Deals round-up!

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  1. Love your website!

  2. Danielle Curry says:

    Love this :0)

  3. Hi! :) I have been using another blog previously but am finding I like this one as well. I have a question. I too stack coupons at Whole Foods. Are you using two printers or two computers to get extra non-whole foods coupons you find on internet? I can usually only print 2 on some places, but when I want to really stock up, I find I cannot since I have one laptop and 1 printer. How are you doing it??? Please email me. :)

  4. Hi Lindsay, Welcome to The Greenbacks Gal! I have two computers at my house – meaning I can usually print out 4 of any manufacturer’s coupon. If there is a really hot sale, my mom will let me print two from her computer – as long as I pick up 1 for her. :) Do you have a friend who might let you do that? That would give you at least one extra. Andrea

  5. I shall try Andrea! :) Perhaps my significant other will get a laptop of her own and we can print 4! lol :) Thanks so much.

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