Simply the Easiest Way to Sell Clothes Online

Seriously the easiest way to sell your clothes online

Y’all. I swear this is the easiest way to sell your clothes online. Hands down.

No excuses. Your closet is getting cleaned out today.

First, take the two seconds to head over to Thredup Inc and order a bag

If you are new, you’ll need to give them your email. But, you’ll also get 20% off your first order. And you’ll want to order – they have an awesome selection.

Used clothes “ick” you out? Search for new with tags. The selection is awesome. I’m sporting a lovely new black cashmere sweater this season that I ordered – new with tags.

Next, you need to select “Sell or Donate” and “Order a Bag”.

When you order a bag, ThredUp will send you a huge bag that you can then fill with those items in your closet you no longer wear or fit into.

Here’s my bag I filled up with some of my clothes and my daughters:

ThredUp Bag

It says it holds a whole laundry bag worth of clothes – and I believe it.

This is where I want to make sure you know that ordering a bag and sending it back is absolutely FREE.

No excuses. Clean out your closet. Because look what it can be worth:

ThredUp Total

Booyah! I’ve got $$$ I need right after the holidays!

So do it today. It’s worth cash tomorrow!

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  1. Kimberly in NC says:

    Do you have to tell them up front what you’re sending and send pics? Do they send you money through paypal or just credit to spend? Thanks for the info.

  2. Kimberly, No you do not need to tell them what you are sending. They have guidelines for what they want that they send with the bag. Once they tally up your bag, they give you the amount they are paying for the bag. That amount is paid to you 14 days after they give you the total. Hope that answers your questions! Andrea

  3. Hi tried to click on the thread up link and it comes up as offer not available….

  4. Hi Kelly, Not sure why my link broke. I went to directly and everything seems to be working fine over there. Thanks for letting me know! Andrea

  5. This sounds great! Out of curiosity, how much did you send in to get $65?

  6. anonymous says:

    FYI – You can sell your brand name, like-new clothes on ebay and make more money, and share less of it (lower fees).

  7. Yes, you can sell on ebay, however, this is so much easier since it doesn’t involve having to market and mail each piece. My dad always says “Everything takes time or money.” By using ThredUp you might not make the money you say selling on eBay will, but you also minimize your time.

  8. Hi Renee, I sent 16 items in to ThredUp. It was a mix of my clothes and a few from my daughter. Hope that helps, Andrea

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