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Here are the links to all the articles in the Go Green, Save Green Series! I know you will find all of them have some great information and tips you can use to save money while being green!


My Green and Frugal Beauty Care Routine by Live Renewed

Homemade Detangler or Leave In Conditioner by A Delightful Home

My Beauty Routine and a DIY Body Butter Recipe by Simple Organic

A Crunchy Girl’s Guide to Curly Hair–my new crazy chemical free hair care routine by Kinda Crunchy Kate


Less is More by Open Eye Health

5 Natural Cleaning Tips by A Delightful Home

Swap Paper Towels for Cloth by Kinda Crunchy Kate


Reusing and Repurposing Food Packaging by Kinda Crunchy Kate

Don’t Toss It! Repurpose it! by Me
How to Save the Planet & Your Money When Home Decorating From Simply Rebekah


10 Tips for Making Baby Food by Simply Rebekah

Go “Green” With Food by Open Eye Health

Eat Food in Season by Me

Cook a Whole Chicken and Make Chicken Stock by Live Renewed

Grind Your Own Wheat by a Delightful Home

FRIDAY: Natural Remedies, Natural Living

Balancing Frugality, Time, and Being Green by Kinda Crunchy Kate

Creating Herbal Remedies with Eucalyptus Oil by A Delightful Home

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Green Links: 6/25/11

Making Green: Craigslist 101: How to Sell Successfully If I ever, ever, ever get around to cleaning out the 1/2 of my garage I’ve never unpacked from my move, my friend Andrea has the best article on how to sell on Craigslist! (Andrea also runs a home organization builder and if she lived any closer I’d hire her to help me in a snap!)

Saving Green: Craigslist 101: How to Buy Successfully I’ve bought several things off Craigslist (right now I’m trying to hunt down a decent food dehydrator) but there are a few things I learned that I didn’t know from Andrea’s article.

Growing Green: Growing Carrots in Plant Containers Anyone can do this – no yard required.

Going Green: The Importance of Buying Local I’ve just read three books in a row all about farming. I’m a bit over the top on the local bandwagon right now.

What have you been reading lately?

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Green Links: 6/18/11

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Green Links post! I like them … not sure how I got off track????

Making Green: Lessons Learned During a Layoff are things we think we know but are worth repeating!

Saving Green: Life…Your Way has an extensive FREE printables library! Menu plans, Babysitter and Emergency info, Christmas cookie tags….it looks like you can print most anything!

Going Green: I think my sweet friend Rebekah fell victim to this yesterday. Green vs Greener – A New Take on Eco-Snobbery. Have you ever felt someone was being an eco-snob??

Growing Green: I love this Infographic on Home Gardening. Check out the “return on investment part.” Wowza! From my interactions here on The Greenbacks Gal, I have to say gardeners are some of the kindest people – so I think it’s a really good thing it’s a growing trend!

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Better Living Network: Links

The Better Living Network has some great posts this week I think you’ll enjoy!

Eat at Home Menu Planner

Tiffany at Eat at Home has a new FREE downloadable Weekly Menu Planner. Check it out cuz it is super cute and practical to boot!

Crystal at Crystal & Co. has a great resource for How to Plan for a Section 504 Meeting at Your School. Please pass this resource on to those in your life who may need it.

Kay at Bucksome Boomer shares her Department Store Shopping Strategies. I’m heading to the mall later today, so I enjoyed her tips.

Nikki at Coupon Cookin is my go to girl for Whole Foods Deals. Although these deals vary by region, it is worth taking the same coupons in hopes of scoring the same unadvertised deals!

Brandy at Savin Some is the BEST at repurposing and creating clever items. Check out the pillow she made out of a sweater.

Finally, we don’t have a CVS here in C Springs. If you are looking for CVS deals, the Coupon Mommie has all your match-ups!

Happy Reading!

This post may contain affiliate links. Read my disclosure policy here.

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