Green Links: Saving Green and Going Green

Ugh! My husband is out of town for a little over 24 hours. Within 3 hours of his leaving, I get food poisoning. Or the stomach flu. Either way. Not pretty.

Hopefully by tomorrow I’ll be able to bring you our regularly scheduled program! Until then, I’ve got some greatposts you’ll love!


Nikki at Coupon Cookin’ teaches you how to make Pumpkin Whoopie Pies! as part of her Frugal Festivities series!

Tiffany at Eat at Home has an easy recipe for Whole Wheat Biscuits. With Gold Medal Flour only .99 this week at Albertsons, these are a great way to take advantage of the savings!

Crystal at Crystal and Co. has a darling idea for Halloween Witchy Fingers you’ll want to make!

Brandy at Savin Some has a clever way to make learning tools AT NO COST!

Jennifer who writes at Coupon Mommie has the details on FREE Chips and Queso at Chili’s, FREE Kotex Sample Pack from Kroger, and a FREE sample of Emergen-c!


Kay at Bucksome Boomer has an interesting post on 7 Ways to Conserve Water at Home. Her post is part of Blog Action Day – go Kay!

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Green Links: 10/9/10 Friends Edition

As you know, I always try to share some of the interesting thoughts and information I find about Making Green, Saving Green, Going Green and Growing Green.

One of the beauties of this world wide web is there is so much good stuff out there. One of the downfalls of this world wide web is sometimes it can be hard to wade through everything there is out there.

Let me introduce you to some blogs you’ll definitely want to put in your reader!

Tiffany at Eat at Home ~ I’ve fallen off the menu planning wagon! But I’ve got something even better! Each week, my friend Tiffany puts together a menu plan and a shopping list. She then provides you with each recipe so you really can “Eat at Home”! This week her recipes included Stromboli and Apple Brownies. Yum! Be sure to catch her on Monday to get your own weekly menu plan!

Nikki at Coupon Cookin ~ Nikki and I met at the Savvy Blogging Summit and her blog is every bit as likable as she is! She is a chef who brings you all the deals and then shows you how to cook them! This week she made Frugal Candy Corn Popcorn Balls that would be a definite Halloween Treat!

Crystal & Co. ~ Mom to 5 boys – including a set of twins! – Crystal amazes me with her creativity with projects like Ghost Halloween Treats. You’ll definitely want to dig around her site and if you know anyone with twins – make sure they know about her!

Kay at Bucksome Boomers ~ Kay is another friend from the Savvy Blogging Summit and if you are looking for money making or money saving tips, she has them! Her recent experience with a subscription account service is a good read if you ever sign up for freebies.

Coupon Mommie ~ There are so many deals out there, no one deal blogger can find them all. The Coupon Mommie has lots of great deals every day. This week she found a way to get Free Holiday Labels!

Savin Some ~ Brandi has lots of saving tips and strategies. She and I both share a common problem – magazine clutter! Check out her strategies for dealing with it!

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Green Links: 10/2/10


Bargain Babe: How to lend or borrow money from a loved one Sticky situation indeed. Not sure this really qualifies as “making green…” More like when you’re NOT making green…


Flitterbugs: Make Your Own Swiffer Refills Wow! What do you think? Would you do this?


Springs Bargains: Behind the Label of Your Food: Chicken Nicely done and helpful to boot!


Three out of Four Americans Aren’t Eating Their Vegetables How much produce do you go through in a week?

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Green Links: 9/11/10

Do you think there will ever come a time when we can type today’s date and not get a chill?

So much good stuff out there this week!


Adventures in Babywearing::On My Hair, On Being a Minimalist


Small Notebook::My $7 Per Month Mobile Phone So addicted to my iPhone. Bravo to Small Notebook!

Saving and Giving:: Guest Post: Dumpster Diving I’ve looked in a dumpster or two.


NYTimes::White House Spurns Solar Panels
If they did put on solar panels, who would get the tax break?

GROWING GREEN Saving 101 So much I’d like to do, so little time!

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Green Links: 9/4/10


Simple Organized Living: Tips for Using Craig’s List – I’ve never used Craig’s List, so I’ve bookmarked this. White Kitchenaid Dishwasher anyone?


Hostess with the Mostess: Gummy Candy Sticks – A cute DIY party favor I bet could be made very inexpensively!

Our Best Bites: Garlic Artichoke Dip – Need something to do with all those FREE artichoke hearts? Cute Idea!

Hip 2 Save: Starbucks FREE Artisan Breakfast – I absolutely signed up for this! I’m hoping to curb my spending by loading my card and that being all I can spend for the month!


Keeper of the Home: Preserving Summer’s Bounty – I could not decide how to categorize this! It fits all 4!


$5 Dinners: Snap as You Pick – I’m not picking homegrown beans, but I’ve been doing a lot of snapping!

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Green Links: 8/28/10


Madame Deals::Chutzpah: Making Ends Meet Sometimes We Have to Knock on Doors


Wise Bread::Never Pay for a Redbox DVD Rental Again Thoughts? Will you use these sites?


Almost Crunchy::Reusable Sandwich Wrap: Repurposing Chip Bags Brilliant Idea!

Simple Organic::Easy Recipes for Natural Homemade Cleaners I will admit I buy – not make – natural cleaners. You?


Reluctant Entertainer::Mary,Mary How Does Your Garden Grow? These pictures make me wish we’d arrived back in the States in time to plant our garden!

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