Target: Buy 2 Get 1 Free GoGo SqueeZ Deal Scenario

GoGo Squeez Applesauce

Target has a great deal on GoGo SqueeZ this week!

Buy 2 GoGo SqueeZ 12 packs, Get a 4-Pack of Fast Fruit FREE!

Deal Scenario:
Buy 2 GoGo SqueeZ 12 packs at $6.97 each.
Buy 1 GoGo SqueeZ Fast Fruit for $3.54.
*Use the 20% off GoGo SqueeZ Target Cartwheel offer and $2.80 comes off your total.
*The $3.54 for the 4-pack automatically comes off your total.
*Use (2 ) of the new $0.75 off any ONE (1) GoGo squeeZ product
*Pay just $9.64 for all three! That’s a $7.84 savings!

This deal may be regional.

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  1. Does Target sell the organic Gogo Squeeze or just the regular? Whole Foods has the organic kind but never on sale.

  2. Cathy, I did not see the organic kind at my Target. I will say all their products are supposed to be non-GMO. Andrea

  3. Andrea, thanks for that info. But apples are on the dirty dozen list. So I really try to buy organic for at least those 12 foods.

  4. Cathy, Yay for only buying organic! This deal wouldn’t be right for you then. None of the GoGo Squeez Fast Fruits are organic, and they all are apple based. However, if your Target has the organic 12 packs (I don’t have a Super Target, just a regular one), then skip the freebie (unless you want to donate it), and just use the Target Cartwheel offer and the new $1.00 off coupon. You end up only paying $4.58 for a 12 pack. Andrea

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