The GBG: It Works for Me!

I have to give my friend Katy the props for this idea. Do you own a beverage dispenser? I got mine using Swagbucks points that I cashed in for Amazon gift cards  (you can find out how to get free Amazon gift cards here.)

The problem with owning a beverage dispenser is: Where do you store it?

I went to my friend Katy’s house one afternoon and she offered me a glass of tea. Her tea was out on her island in her beverage dispenser. It looked so beautiful. That’s when I decided to drag mine out from my cupboard. Not only did I get some cabinet space back, I’m loving the way this is working for our family.

In the morning, I fill my glass beverage dispenser with ice and make Cucumber Mint Water or Pineapple Cinnamon Water or Rainbow Citrus Water. Then, I have a cold, refreshing beverage readily available all day long. It just gets tastier the longer it sits. And it does stay cold until mid-evening when I need to add ice to my glass.

In addition to the water recipes, I’ve also made a large recipe of Good Earth’s Sweet and Spicy tea and have made and served mint tea. Both work really great as long as the ratio of ice to tea is just right! I think the size of your dispenser and your tea recipe determine how well the tea will do. My friend Katy loves Constant Comment tea by Bigelow, and that is what she makes everyday in her dispenser.

Not only does the flavored water taste good, but it encourages me to drink more throughout the day. And when you have kids coming in and out of the house all day long, its quick and easy for them to fill up a glass. You’d be surprised at how many kids I’ve turned onto flavored water. And it’s so much healthier than a soda!

Do you already own a beverage dispenser? Is yours in a cupboard or do you use it daily?

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  1. This would probably be a great way to monitor just how well you family is hydrating too. I have 3 children old enough to help themselves to water all day long, but I have one who seems to forget till they have a headache, so this might be a helpful visual reminder.

  2. The web page is new and hard to find.
    Where did you get that awesome drink dispenser?
    I want one!

  3. Hi Andrea,
    You have featured me before, and I love this post of yours. I would love for you to link this post with my Wednesdays Adorned From Above Link Party.
    I hope to see you there.
    Debi Bolocofsky
    Adorned From Above

  4. Lady Luna says:

    Hello Andrea…
    Love the site. I have been hounding the web for new flavored water recipes. Thanks for the links!

    P.S. Found you on Pinterest! 😉

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